건물 인도 엑스포 2024

건물 인도 엑스포
From January 17, 2024 until January 19, 2024 - (Check Flight)
뉴델리 - 프라가티 마이단, 델리, 인도
(참석 전 아래 공식 사이트에서 날짜와 장소를 다시 한 번 확인해주세요.)
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Buildings India 엑스포 - 지속 가능한 미래 구축

Green and Smart Buildings will be the key to India’s sustainable urban infrastructure for the future. The Buildings India Expo, an important branch/element within the Smart Cities India Expo, hosts Government officials as well as stakeholders in the building infrastructure sector and smart ICT solutions to build a brighter tomorrow.

Under one roof, innovations in materials, designs and technologies are gathered to redefine the public, industrial, corporate and residential home infrastructure. The focus is on enhancing the urban skyline and landscape.

Smart Cities India는 Smart Cities Mission의 이사, Smart City CEO 및 지방자치단체 위원과의 다양한 비디오 인터뷰/노변담화를 제공하는 "Let's Talk Smart Cities 인터뷰 시리즈"를 시작했습니다.

The expo is a great way to build partnerships, reconnecting with clients, advancing knowledge, meeting high-profile decision makers from the private and public sectors, placing your products in the hands and providing a powerful message for potential clients. Visit an event that is packed with knowledge leaders, expert content and the latest products to drive your business forward.

Join the global community for three days of learning, networking and engaging. The platform allows visitors and exhibitors to communicate, plan and promote events at their convenience.

The ultimate Business Conference in India will allow you to benefit from the wisdom of industry leaders in the technology and infrastructure sectors. You'll also have the opportunity to meet experts from the public & private sector.

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뉴델리 - 프라가티 마이단, 델리, 인도 뉴델리 - 프라가티 마이단, 델리, 인도


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