CCTV 엑스포 2023

CCTV 엑스포
From July 26, 2023 until July 27, 2023 - (Check Flight)
뉴델리 - 프라가티 마이단, 델리, 인도
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CCTV Expo 2023-CCTV, 액세스 제어 및 통합 시스템 및 보안 기술

Surveillance & Tracking Systems. Municipal Authorities. Schools, colleges & other educational institutions. Architects & Building Developers. Hospitals and Health Centers. Hotel, Real Estate & Retail Management. Banks and other financial institutions. Police & Law Enforcement Agencies Safety & Security Consultants & Management.

홀 네. 8, 9, & 10, Pragati Maidan, 뉴델리-인도.

CCTV Expo is the only specialized show in India that focuses on CCTVs, Access Control & Integration Systems & Security Technologies. The Indian surveillance market has grown tremendously in the last decade. The demand for Surveillance equipments has increased due to the high level of security that the Indian people require.

In June 2015, the Indian government launched a project to create 100 Smart Cities. It was ambitious. The cities have been identified, and some work has begun on them. However, there are many underlying issues that must be addressed. According to the Smart Cities Council India one of these is the development of surveillance standards and the expansion of video surveillance in India.

Closed circuit television cameras, or CCTV cameras, are seen as an important tool for improving the security apparatus in a city. The round-table on 'Technology Modernisation for Smarter and Safer Cities' concluded that investing in the most advanced video surveillance technology, with the highest resolution cameras, the best analytical tools, and the highest storage capacity, would lead to smart surveillance for safe and secure areas.

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뉴델리 - 프라가티 마이단, 델리, 인도 뉴델리 - 프라가티 마이단, 델리, 인도


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