인도 보석 및 주얼리 쇼 2024

From September 25, 2024 until September 28, 2024
뭄바이 - 지오 월드 컨벤션 센터, 마하라슈트라, 인도
(참석 전 아래 공식 사이트에서 날짜와 장소를 다시 한 번 확인해주세요.)
카테고리 : 패션 산업, 보석 산업
태그 : 보석, 덴탈, 귀금속

모든 인도 GEM 및 보석 국내위원회

KEY HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SHOW. AN INITIATIVE BY GJC. 250,000+ SQ. FT. AREA. 100+CITIES ROAD SHOWS. 2,000+Hosted Buyers. Complimentary Lunch. 20,00,000+Trending Jewellery Designs. World Class Venue 2.5 Lac sq ft. Tie up with hotels & Travel Partners. 1 Networking Evening. Glimpse of GJS APRIL 2024. Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai. VISITOR Testimonials.

The India Gem and Jewellery Show (GJS) has streamlined the process for retailers to procure jewellery from a diverse range of manufacturers and wholesaler, all under one roof. We are excited to visit the April 2024 show as its strategically timed just before Akshaya Tritiya to meet the market demands and enhance our inventory.

Mr. Ba.Ramesh Joint Managing Director, Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd.

The India Gem & Jewellery show is among the biggest exhibition in the country, covering almost every jewellery category. The quality assurance from GJC is a win-win solution for the entire trade and we are happy to attend the show to fulfill our demands.


April is an ideal time for us to make our purchases, since it comes just before Akshay Tritiya and Gudi Padwa, hence giving us an opportunity to refill our inventory. GJC has been constantly working on the experience front and we are eager to Visit the CJS April 2024 at the Jio world Convention Center, Mumbai.

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뭄바이 - 지오 월드 컨벤션 센터, 마하라슈트라, 인도 뭄바이 - 지오 월드 컨벤션 센터, 마하라슈트라, 인도


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